Questions about Gaudi 2

Hello. There is good description of the Gaudi 1 architecture on the forum. But how about the next generation - Gaudi2?
I have some questions about it:

  1. Gaudi2 has support for fp8 format. Can we expect 2x bandwidth in matrix multiplication using fp8 (like on H100)?
  2. In Gaudi1, the MME have 4 EUs with 64x64 shape. Are the MMEs in Gaudi2 similar to those in Gaudi1?
  3. Are Gaudi 2’s TPCs fully compatible with Gaudi 1’s TPC? Is it necessary to rewrite the kernels for Gaudi2?
  4. Currently only Gaudi 1 servers are available on Amazon. Do you have any plans for Gaudi2 available in the cloud? Is Gaudi 2 available for testing?


  1. Gaudi2’s TPCs are fully compatible with Gaudi1, just recompiled for Gaudi2, no kernel codes change required. Gaudi2 has 24 TPC cores, and Gaudi1 just has 8.