undefined symbol: synEventMapTensorBase


seeing 'Habana-TensorFlow(1.4.0) and Habanalabs Driver(1.8.0-a9c2c49) versions differ!' when trying a very simple script.   

torel@h001:~/workspace/Habana/Examples$ python3.8
Habana-TensorFlow(1.4.0) and Habanalabs Driver(1.8.0-a9c2c49) versions differ!
Num HPUs Available: 1
2023-06-30 13:04:28.775881: I tensorflow/core/platform/] This TensorFlow binary is optimized with oneAPI Deep Neural Network Library (oneDNN) to use the following CPU instructions in performance-critical operations: AVX2 AVX512F FMA
To enable them in other operations, rebuild TensorFlow with the appropriate compiler flags.
ERROR: pid = 6979 at /home/jenkins/workspace/cdsoftwarebuilder/create-tensorflow-module—bpt-d/tensorflow-training/synapse_shim/syn_training_impl.cpp:186 (/usr/lib/habanalabs/ undefined symbol: synEventMapTensorBase)
/usr/lib/habanalabs/ [0x15539dfb3f50]
/usr/lib/habanalabs/ [0x15539dfb479a]
/usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/ [0x155553000ae6]
/usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/ [0x155553000b21]

root@h001:~# dpkg -l |grep -i habana
ii habanalabs-container-runtime 1.8.0-690 amd64 Habana Labs container runtime. Provides a modified version of runc allowing users to run GPU enabled containers.
ii habanalabs-dkms 1.8.0-690 all habanalabs driver in DKMS format.
ii habanalabs-firmware 1.8.0-690 amd64 Firmware package for Habana Labs processing accelerators
ii habanalabs-firmware-odm 1.1.0-614 amd64 Firmware ODM package for Habana Labs processing accelerators
ii habanalabs-firmware-tools 1.8.0-690 amd64 Habanalabs firmware tools package
ii habanalabs-graph 1.8.0-690 amd64 habanalabs graph compiler
ii habanalabs-horovod 1.3.0-499 all TF/Horovod package for Habana Labs processing accelerators
ii habanalabs-qual 1.8.0-690 amd64 This package contains Habanalabs qualification package. It designed to assist server vendors to qualify their Goya based server on the production line.
ii habanalabs-sw-tools 1.6.1-92 amd64 Internal SW Tools package for Habana Labs processing accelerators
ii habanalabs-thunk 1.8.0-690 all habanalabs thunk
ii habanatools 1.8.0-690 amd64 Habana Labs tools package

OS Is Ubuntu 18.04.6 LTS

Any suggestions?

This is the error. You should have same versions of docker/firmware etc.

1.4 is very old. Currently we are at 1.10. You could upgrade to 1.10, or atleast have same versions all across the board if u use an older version