LangChain: Optimum Habana Examples Text-Generation

I am having difficulty using LangChain v0.0.191 with the Text-Generation-Pipeline and DeepSpeed v1.15.0 when I pulled the latest version of Optimum Habana from main. I followed the directions on the GitHub page (optimum-habana/examples/text-generation/text-generation-pipeline at main · huggingface/optimum-habana · GitHub) but was unable to get a usable response. I could use the single or multi-prompt CLI script from Text-Generation however that was all. Is anyone else experiencing issues?

Thanks for posting, taking a look

When you say “but was unable to get a usable response”, do you mean you generate text but it is garbage? Or are you not able to generate anything at all.

Also you mentioned LangChain v0.0.191 but in the requirements, it says langchain==0.1.16. Can you please confirm your langchain version