How to profile Habana custom kernels

I’ve followed the guides of the Habana custom kernels repo to build and run the TPC kernel tests successfully on machine with habana hardware and driver.
But when I want to profile, I use the to profile FilterFwd2DBF16Test kernel by:

python3 -s FilterFwd2DBF16Test -t

But the script only get hltv file, no json file. Any advice or suggestion?

And do you have some tools to profile kernels by simulator?

The newer version doesn’t generate json file anymore, only .hltv file. You can use, to load the hltv file you created. After that you can use the buttons to select and zoom in the TPC section to check the kernel performance. No extra codes required. You can check this for more details.

Thanks to @zzhang37 for the answer

Thanks for your help. And for now the profiling can only be done by the machine with Gaudi hardware and driver right? Only simulation environment cannot get profiling data.

Yes, profiling can only be done using the Gaudi machines, simulator only provides how many cycles of running the kernel. Thanks.

ok, thanks for help.